36 Aniversario Fest Arg 2023
3 de Junio Kenmore Auditorium 
Dia Argentino & Libertad Cultural 

36th Festival Argentino
3rd June in Kenmore Auditorium
Argentine Day in USA and Culture Freedom 

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Argentina Sings, Dances, and Exhibits in USA 2023!
SI, queremos ser el reencuentro de los besos y abrazos
con todos! 
Welcome to our web argentinefestival.org 

We thank and welcome all upcoming artists to our successful fest, latest and best photos! 
Line up - Grilla to be confirmed for 2023!

ARTISTS 2022: 
Ceibo - Winner 2021 of Carlos and Revelation Folk 
Fabricio Rodriguez - Folk-Pop Band 
Alexandra Marie - Soprano & Tango Singe
Adriana Argentino - Ballet Sol Cuyano
Ernesto Cuello - Folklore Singer 
Javier Colli & Acordeon - Chamame FestivalInstrumental Litoral Music
Sebastian Rios - Guitarrist - Instrumental Music Tango and more!
Matias Natale - Pop Singer
Salvatore - El Romantico de la Capital 
Liza & Alexey Semyonov - Tango Dancers 
Gabriel Gaumond and Catrinel Iftode. “Dedicated to building community through a shared passion for tango and commitment to growth.”  
Marina Bellani – Marcelo Gutiérrez -  Argentine Tango Performance
and more...

Fabricio Rodriguez's Band from Argentina

Ceibo Folk Band from Cordoba, Argentina

Javier Colli
Litoral Music
Entre Rios, Arg.

Omar "El Chimpa" Nuñez de Santiago del Estero, Argentina

Adriana Argentino Ballet Sol Cuyano 




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Gabriel Gaumond and Catrinel Iftode 

Argentine Tango Performance Marina Bellani – Marcelo Gutiérrez

Argentine Festival 2021 "A Welcome Return " Yes, we did it!
¡SI, fuimos el reencuentro de los besos y abrazos con todos! Welcome to our web argentinefestival.org for artists

We Thanks and welcome them to our successful return and latest and best photos and confirmed artists for Program 2021

We Welcome DANIEL BOUCHET - Showman International "all-around showman with joyous multilingual hits like La Cumparcita, Con te Partiro, Granada, and mucho mas, the Latin superstar makes his return to the Thomas Jefferson Theater with live performances that can only be described as "full-scale pop spectacle[s]" (Kestahappening).
We welcome
DIEGO IRIARTE, leader of Los del Suquía, who presents 60 years of music and friendship at the Argentine Festival. All the romance of folklore.
We Welcome GASTON CORDERO -Troubadour reached its peak at Talent “Dreaming about Singing” recognized in Argentina & Tarija-Bolivia.
Welcome DANIEL & RAMONA: Performing Artist. Choreographer, Instructors -Private & Group Lessons for all levels- Special Occasions, Educationals, and Corporate audiences. LINK  
We welcome Gabriel Gaumond and Catrinel Iftode. “Dedicated to building community through a shared passion for tango and commitment to growth.”  
We welcome Argentine Tango Performance Jessica Zappia – Marcelo Gutiérrez is a worldwide know tango maestro, choreographer, and researcher of Argentine Tango, and together with a tango lover Jessica Zappia will demonstrate the beauty and magic of this cultural expression.

GIRA USA Diego Iriarte Voz Lider de Los Del Suquia [email protected]

Gaston Cordero
30 Top Artists from Argentina and USA
in the Program.
Sep. 18th, 2021

Tango Dancers

Folklore Dancers

Gabriel Gaumond and Catrinel Iftode 


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Argentine Tango Performance Jessica Zappia – Marcelo Gutiérrez

 Argentine Festival 2021"A Welcome Return " Yes We did it!
¡SI, queremos ser el reencuentro de los besos y abrazos con todos!

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 Hello, this is a piece of advance photo links for 2021. Our latest and best available photos. 2021: Confirmed Artists!

Pop Singer

Le Manch
Rock Argentino Latinoamericano

Annabella LaPasta
Tango Singer

Welcome MC: Gedalia Vera 
Gedalia Vera is the Founder of Inside Look Media, LLC a company that provides services to high-profile clientele, celebrities, and foundations. Inside Look Media, LLC is also the production company of Inside Look TV Magazine an online media company that has featured events such as the Oscars and the Emmy's. Gedalia Vera has interviewed iconic actors such as Sebastian Stan from Captain America, Kevin Hart, and other entities. She is from La Paz, Bolivia and lives in the USA since 20 years ago.

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